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29 May – Another gig for your diary!!

March 13, 2010 1 comment

Was perusing Victoria Vox’s website – as one does ( – and amongst her tour dates is one you’re going to want to write in your diary!

Saturday, 29 May at the Leith Folk Club


Victoria does a tremendous gig, featuring her own tunes with ukulele accompaniment (of course!) and a mean mouth trumpet. Honestly, there’s nothing like getting to hear Victoria live.

Also on the bill is Brigid Kaelin.

I hadn’t heard of Brigid, but according to her website (, Brigid is plucky and plays a variety of instruments, including accordion and musical saw in an “americana” stylee. If she’s anywhere near as entertaining as Victoria, it’s going to be one spectacular evening.

Be there or be missing out – big time!

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