December 29, 2015 1 comment

I’ve come out of hibernation to add a new link ukulele go.com to the appropriate page. This is an excellent site from Dave Ellis which is aimed mostly at beginners but has something for everybody and lots of interesting and useful stuff to explore.

This year’s festive frivolity was yet another addition to the ever-expanding uke family that is taking over my house. It’s a Makala Waterman, cost less than a bottle of decent single malt, comes with Aquila strings, is almost invisible and plays rather well.



Hope you are all well. Happy New Year and hope to see you on the 11th.



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Last one of the year

December 7, 2015 2 comments

Christmas is not far away (again, so soon) and the last meeting of 2015 will be on 14th December. Feel free to bring along drinks, nibbles for sharing, Santa hat, reindeer costume… or just your uke(s) if you feel so inclined. Please also bring your copy of the usual Christmas song book, as we’ll be wanting to play some, all or none of its contents. If don’t have a copy of the pdf, you can get one here. There aren’t any spare copies so if you don’t have one of your own, you’ll just have to cosy up and share.

Hope to see you then. Meetings will resume on 11th January 2016.



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The Next Time

November 12, 2015 Comments off

The next Ukearist meeting is on Monday 16 November, and time for a try out of two new songs, one 50 years old, and (maybe) one from 2015 that sounds in some ways far more than 50 years old.

The Last Time from the Rolling Stones in 1965; the original was in E, but on the ukulele D may work better to use the same kind of patterns for that ancestral Brian Jones riff. I’m not sure that any of us can imitate his 1965 coiffure style these days though….

Bad Girl from Pokey Lafarge in 2015. Brought to my attention by the Ukulele Boudoir team behind the totally wonderful  L’Hebdo 2014 songs, who four weeks ago put out a couple of new kitchen table videos on Youtube, and are now calling themselves The Dust Sweepers. If you don’t want to wait until Monday, the Dust Sweepers video has a link to the words and chords.


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Next meeting – 2nd November

October 27, 2015 2 comments

The next meeting is sandwiched between Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night which gives us a good excuse for some themed strumming of witchy/spooky/fiery tunes. Feel free to bring along any new suggestions on either subject, no matter how tenuous the link. Hope to see you then.

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Dark Star

October 13, 2015 Comments off

After the discussion at our last meeting, I checked our records and we at the Ukearist haven’t played Dark Star for over a 1000 days either. But I reckon there is no real hurry, and guess it can wait a little longer.

Instead, for our next meeting on 19 October, something else from the Grateful Dead, but a few years later and a bit less jaggy, -and much shorter- Friend of the Devil, from the 1970 album American Beauty. Check out the original studio version with that great easy descending riff from the G chord to the C -and one of my all time favourite LP covers. And Ukulele Underground’s Aldrine , in his ukueleoversoul persona has  a fine uke version, though he leaves the riff out…. I will bring the dots in the key of G as in the original.

And in contrast from Ringo Starr,  a staple of Uke groups that we don’t seem to have threshed over yet, Octopus’s Garden.


see you there

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Tomorrow’s Meeting 5 October 2015, Hank Williams, Beatles, Rolling Stones

October 4, 2015 1 comment

New songs to try out tomorrow:

Window Shopping. Great Hank Willliam’s song from 1951, that I heard for the first time on Monday. Get practising those steel guitar riffs.

I Feel Fine. From the Beatles , reduced to a key I hope we can sing!

Can I Get A Witness. From the Rolling Stones in maybe the 1960’s?. Challenge time. Real finger mangler, changes chords every two beats, – great piano playing! But lots of opportunity for respite ahh ahhing as well.

See you tomorrow

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Ukulele Magazine

October 4, 2015 1 comment

Ed Ackman has been in touch and has this to say:

Hi Monday Ukers,

We’d like you to accept, with the compliments of BanjoUke, a free 12 month digital subscription to Ukulele Magazine, the largest ukulele publication in the world.

All you need do is reply to ed@banjouke.kiwi – and we’ll send you your coupon number and a link.

Then, for the next year, you’ll have each edition of Ukulele Magazine delivered direct to your inbox.

Please feel free to pass this offer far and wide to all your ukulele friends.

Happy strumming!



So there you are. Hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow (5th October).

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