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Diddley Bows!

May 17, 2010 10 comments

Ok, so it’s not ukuleles but is certainly in the spirit of ukuleles and follows on from the cigar box ukuleles I made a while back.   My brother and I made bass diddley bows on Saturday, on Sunday we wrote and recorded a diddley bow song about diddley bows and here it is!

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Cigar Box Ukulele #2

April 6, 2010 9 comments

I completed cigar box ukulele number 2 last week, thought you might like to see a little video of it:

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Seasonal Uke Gifts??

December 27, 2009 5 comments

Greetings All!!

OK, fess up! What uke-shaped oddities did you find under your trees?

Z, am especially interested to know what you found there ….

Nothing uke-shaped under my tree, though the ukes did make an appearance at the P family gathering. There was some strumming and some singing (not *all* of it done by me!).

Made sure not to go on *too long* (leave ’em wanting more – or at least not wanting to forcibly remove you and uke from the premises) and looking forward to a foray into Glasgow music shops on Tuesday.

And the rest of you?

Hope it has been a joyful ukey time!

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Killing In The Name Of on Ukulele!

December 17, 2009 1 comment

Picture the scene; it’s a cold Sunday night in late Decemeber, snow is on the ground, an excited anticipation hangs in the air, not only for Christmas, but also to find out which plucky young chart scoundrel is going to make it to the very top of the chart tree and claim their rightful place as Pop Fairy.

Well this year is different, railing against the turgid anti-music churned out by x-factors, pop idols and the like comes a battle hardened challenger going by the name of Rage Against The Machine, proffering their jaunty sing-along hit ‘Killing In The Name’ as contender for the top spot.

Now what could be better than a big yes vote for real music over pre-fabricated shit masquerading as music?  I’ll tell you what – being able to play along with this year’s Christmas number 1 (fingers crossed!) on your ukulele!*  Well look no further than ukulele hunt who tabbed the riff toKilling In The Name a while back.

And if you haven’t already, go out and buy it!

iTUNES – 99p – track #2 (click on ‘view in itunes’ on the right)

PLAY.COM – 65p – it’s the only track on the page

7DIGITAL – 50p – track #2

HMV.COM – 79p (careful – this is track #1)

TUNETRIBE – 49P – track #2 – LIVE version (yes it counts)
or (Studio Version)

TESCO DIGITAL – 67p – track #2

WE7 – £1.07p – track #2

* It might sound a bit rubbish if you play along as the tab is in a different key

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