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It’s Official!! Award-Winning Ukearists!!

May 19, 2010 11 comments

Just back from the Edinburgh Folk Club Annual Song Writing Competition where our very own Yvonne, David, Jane and Jim’s song The Kist was performed for a discerning panel of judges and audience.

Both the official Judges and the audience voted The Kist 2nd place!

Well done!!

(Yvonne even mentioned the Monday Ukearist in the introduction to the song and the compere has dubbed us the Ukulele Orchestra of Leith! Make of that what you will!)

And here’s a video of the performance:


This guy rocks

November 25, 2009 5 comments

I found this guy on youtube earlier this evening whilst searching for ukulele inspiration and thought he looked interesting –

He only does instrumental solos it seems but does them wonderfully and he makes it look effortless.

He has to be either – a) a musical genius, or b) someone who just takes a song, dissects it, and practices & experiments for hours on end….

I’m hoping he is the latter! I am wholly inspired! How about you??

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November 12, 2009 2 comments

Hi everyone.

This week at Ukearist we looked briefly at the technique for chunking. Click on the following link to view a video tutorial focussing on just that:

I use chunking all the time and really enjoy the way that it adds rythym to my playing. As well as a tutorial for chunking there’s a whole load of other useful ‘how to’ videos on there so check them out and have some fun.

Personally, I learn more from watching tutorials than I do from books or just messing around. For youtube we are truly blessed!


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Victoria Vox needs help!

November 6, 2009 Comments off

Victoria Vox needs our help!

Victoria Vox is an accomplished uke player/singer/songwriter.

Many of you might have been lucky enough to be at Victoria’s gig in Leith a while back.

If not, you missed one of my top 3 gigs ever.

Check out her website:

Victoria is currently trying to raise funds for her next CD and is asking for help from the masses.

If you want to nurture a ukulele talent, have a bit of spare cash which needs a cause or just want to be immortalised in CD history, consider supporting Ms Vox in her latest endeavours.

Check out for the list of benefits you will reap in return for your donation *.

If any of you opt for the house concert and need any guests that particular day/evening, please feel free to let us know!!

*in addition to providing support to a worthy recipient

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Uke players – favourite or obscure?

November 6, 2009 4 comments

A vote for Fozzie!Who’s your favourite uke player?

The more obscure, the better.

The most impressive I’ve found has got to be Jake Shimabukuru.

The video of him in Central Park is now a legend.

I’m not much into heavy metal uke, but his “Play Loud Ukulele” DVD (US standard) shows him strutting his stuff. The best part of that DVD – for me – is the interview clips and teaching stuff as part of the extra gubbins.

Of course, now that the 40th anniversary celebrations for Sesame Street are in full swing, many thoughts are filled with all things muppet.

Although not a resident of the Street, Fozzie Bear has had my top muppet vote for quite a while.

How delighted was I to learn that he is also a ukulele player? (Pretty darned delighted, to be sure!)

If his uke playing is as good as his comedic skills, well, Jake has nothing to worry about. (OK, even if his uke playing is better than his comedy, he’d still be miles behind Jake.)

So, who gets your vote for best – or most obscure – uke player?

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