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Dark Star

October 13, 2015

After the discussion at our last meeting, I checked our records and we at the Ukearist haven’t played Dark Star for over a 1000 days either. But I reckon there is no real hurry, and guess it can wait a little longer.

Instead, for our next meeting on 19 October, something else from the Grateful Dead, but a few years later and a bit less jaggy, -and much shorter- Friend of the Devil, from the 1970 album American Beauty. Check out the original studio version with that great easy descending riff from the G chord to the C -and one of my all time favourite LP covers. And Ukulele Underground’s Aldrine , in his ukueleoversoul persona has  a fine uke version, though he leaves the riff out…. I will bring the dots in the key of G as in the original.

And in contrast from Ringo Starr,  a staple of Uke groups that we don’t seem to have threshed over yet, Octopus’s Garden.


see you there

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