June 17, 2014

Songs of Sun and Summer

The next Ukearist on Monday 30 June, will be a themed night celebrating sun and Summer, so let’s hope this does not chase the current glorious sunshine away. There are quite a few suitable songs already in the folders already, Summer In The City, Sunny Afternoon… and so on, and following on from some suggestions last night, and a little internet research on what other Uke groups think a Summer song list should include……., I will bring along copies of:

Summertime Blues        Eddie Cochrane

Here Comes The Sun     The Beatles

All Summer Long             The Beach Boys

Under The Boardwalk      The Drifters        Chorus easy, verses not so easy…….

Surfin’ USA                       The Beach Boys  (…….I think most Beach Boys songs would qualify on this theme……)

Good Day Sunshine          The Beatles


So wax down those boards, and get working on the bushy bushy blonde hairdos


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