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Themed night

June 6, 2014

It’s been a while since we had a themed night, so that’s something we could do on 30th June, before folks head off on their summer hols. We can make a decision on the subject at the next meeting on 16th June. Leave a comment, email via the contact page, or bring your ideas along to the next meeting. Here are some to get started:


The Moon and/or Sun

Bad people doing bad stuff


In the meantime, here are a couple of links to investigate:

Some interesting techie stuff to read http://everything2.com/user/Oolong/writeups/ukulele

and if anyone is contemplating taking up the bass uke but doesn’t want to cough up 400 quid for a Kala, Darren Field has been building some more affordable alternatives

Hope to see you next time with your thoughts on themes, when I may be able to croak, squeak or even warble my way through a song or two.

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  1. Peter Budd
    June 11, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    And I should have added:
    Planes and or Trains and other misc transport -bicycle songs?
    Artist themed – eg Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Kinks….

  2. June 11, 2014 at 1:23 pm

    That means I’d better learn Summer in the City – again! That one just won’t stick. Good idea, though.

  3. Peter Budd
    June 11, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Mm I was thinking along the lines of a summer/sun theme – quick while it’s still relevant….

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