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Potential Gig at Slainte Mhath

February 8, 2011

Follows is a message from Neil, sounds like a great idea to me and one that I’m up for!

First time posting on the website (though I’ve been attending Ukearist for a few months now) – I’ve had a wee idea which I’d like to share with you all…

In recent weeks there’s been a handful of songs that have been getting played quite regularly at the Ukearist, improving with every session – and I think a live performance would be just the thing to firm up a solid, great sounding repertoire that we could enjoy playing to other people. With that in mind, my friend Daley owns the Slainte Mhath pub in Melville Place – a relatively quiet, but friendly and newly refurbished place – and I was thinking that we might be able to arrange a little gig for family and friends at the pub. If we each invited two or three people I’m sure we’d have quite a crowd pretty quickly. I understand there is a little money available to spend on the band and, rather than simply drinking it ourselves (though that’s also a good idea!), I thought we could possibly put the money behind the bar for the benefit of our guests (and ourselves!) – a good way to get everyone into the party mood. I’ve spoken to Daley very briefly about the idea and he is definitely interested in sorting something out. We might also be able to sort out some deal with food (the chef is originally from Howie’s restaurant so a very high standard) – but I haven’t discussed this yet so couldn’t confirm. Also not sure if we’d be playing for free (and our own enjoyment) or if it might be possible to arrange a fee; all discussions yet to be had, assuming you guys are sufficiently interested.

Here’s a link to more details (and a few photos) of Slainte Mhath. If you’re interested in finding out more we could always head over there after a Monday evening session for a pint and a wee chat!

Please let me know what you think about this idea, either via the website or in person at the Ukearist meeting(s). I know that live performance may not be everyone’s cup of tea but this could be a good opportunity to try it out with a very friendly and familiar audience – and personally speaking, I’d *love* the challenge of working towards a live performance, and showing my nearest and dearest just how much FUN the uke can be.

Thanks for reading this far…! Hope to see lots of you at the next session on Monday 14th.


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  1. chris
    February 14, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Hi Neil, as you know I think this is a good idea and look forward to discussing if further. I’m surprised you haven’t had more replies/comments actually….. Anyway, I will be around to open the school tonight but being Valentines day I have commitments at home so won’t be sticking around. See you later, Chris

  2. Jim
    February 11, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    I think we have something well worth discussing further. I have never played in ‘public’ and the thought both terrifies and tempts me – not in equal measure! I feel we might tackle this by trying out various combinations of a few players per group, this would accommodate a variety of tastes and styles. Maybe we have to try this before we go public. Don’t know if I will make it on 14th as I am off on hols on the 15th and will be away for the next one. The pub looks just about right. Thanks for kicking this off.

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