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Frisbee Tournament Gig – 14th August

May 31, 2010

We have been invited back to play the headlining spot at this year’s MacBeach Ultimate Frisbee tournament over in Troon. It was fantastic fun last year, we had about 10 of us all in fancy dress (Tim’s clown costome was the pick of the bunch!) ukin’ it up good and proper – ask anyone who went it was awesome fun! Got a great response and the whole weekend was a lot of fun!

The gig will be on the evening of 14th August, we can camp over there and I think there will be a free beer or two.

So who’s up for it? Unfortunately I can’t commit to it myself due to our baby being due around that time so I’m looking for volunteers to organise things, anyone willing?

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  1. chris
    June 1, 2010 at 3:12 pm

    Brilliant! I am definitely up for going…..and of course for taking part in the practice sessions but i’m reluctant to take the lead as July and August are super busy times in terms of work and i’ve only just found out that my right hand man is leaving at the end of August so…. i’m going to be even busier than i had expected.

    I’m happy to take joint lead though (with another/others) and also to let the school be used for practice sessions when possible just like last year.

    It’s a great experience and not to be missed!!!

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