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Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

February 1, 2010

Two bits of UOGB news:

The DVD of their 2009 Prom is now on sale through their website.

If anyone already has this, can you rate it for us?

The other bit of news is that the UOGB will be playing in Perth on Tuesday, 25 May. Tickets on sale from Monday, 29 March.

Anyone interested in going as a gang?

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  1. John
    February 1, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Great minds think alike Margaret! (see post just above this one) Yes, both Viv and I are definitely interested in going, be great if we can get a decent gang of us together to head up there.

    I’ve not seen the DVD but have been tempted by its charms, would love to hear if anyone else has seen it.

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