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Happy 2nd Ukiversary to Me!

October 22, 2009

Yes, I have now been playing ukulele for two whole years, can’t believe it’s only two years, it seems a whole lot longer.

It’s been a pretty amazing two years, the uke brings me so much pleasure and has opened so many doors and gifted me so many new friends, it really is a very special instrument.  I love it to pieces (hopefully not literally, it is my opinion that ukes are best left as a whole) and can’t imagine a time in the future when I won’t play the ukulele – there’s undoubtedly a lifetime of learning and enjoyment in those four strings.  I just wish that I’d started many years ago and that I could celebrating my 20th, and not my 2nd, ukiversary.  Just think how good at the uke I’d be now!  Although I still wouldn’t be able to sing.

How long have the rest of you been playing ukulele?  When’s your ukiversary?

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  1. kingbiscuitpants
    February 17, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    I’ve owned a uke for a few years but have only recently gotten “into” it I ramble about it here


  2. October 26, 2009 at 1:00 am

    Its been 5 years for me, I can still remember it as if it were yesterday.
    I was 15 and backpacking with mates and we stopped for 3 nights in Inverness, the hostel owners told us that Hayseed Dixie were playing that night. so I wandered along to the gig and was blown away.

    The next day I went to a music shop in Inverness to buy a mandolin but when I got there I realised I diddnt have enough money. So I asked the shop owner “I like the size of the mandolin, is there anything similar?” he pointed me at a £20 Mahalo Ukulele with hard case. I handed him £30 and picked up a “how to play ukulele” book.

    the next day we headed for skye. we got there and pitched up tents. we went swimming in the sea and what not. somewhere in the time I was there someone robbed our tents and stole our wallets.

    so we tried to hitchhike across skye to kyleakin with no luck at all, living off of tinned food and the hospitality of others. we made it from Uig to portree and met an old guy in a pub (he looked obout 50) his name was Tom. he was playing the banjo drinking heavely. my mates asked to use the bar phone while I sat and enjoyed the banjo.

    He clocked my case and asked me to play some fiddle with him, he laughed when I told him it was a ukulele. so I whapped out my ukuele and jammed with him on the few chords I knew. He kept buying me and my mates drinks.

    later, after quite a few hours of heaving drinking he invites us back to his house so we crash. The next morning over breakfast we explain our situation. he offered his place as a base while we get stuff sorted.

    Tom started to learn the ukulele using my book and my ukulele.

    so a few weeks pass, and by this point we had been on skye for about a month, playing ukulele everyday. he gives us £200 to get us to inverness on the condition that when I get there I send him a ukulele. he gives me an extra £20 for the uke.

    so we hit the road and get to inverness and borrow some money from relatives I have there to get me back to Edinburgh and add a little more money to the ukulele fund.
    we hit the music shop and buy Tom a nice shiney ukulele. picked him up a £250 asbury ukulele and posted it to him. lets just say he was chuffed!

    wow I rambled on for a bit. sorry.

    anyways in january it will be my 6th year playing ukulele.

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