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Gig this Wednesday at the Picture House!

June 17, 2009 2 comments

One of our ukers, Tim, has sorted out a gig for this coming Wednesday! It’s a pretty informal affair and will largely involve playing ukes in a corner of picture house while drinking beer, sounds great! Here’s the full details from Time:

I’ve got some more details for this performance next week. Basically, there is a film premier showing in the Picture house,
but there is a pre film party from 7.30 – 9.30, the theme of the party is 1950’s beach scene, and from what i can work out people will be milling around dressed in beach gear, and actors acting out beach stuff i guess. They are looking for some people in Hawaiian shirts to play uke in a corner of one of the rooms. I think it will be just like mondays but more sand and booze. To be honest my Wednesday nights can’t normally compete with such a bizarre request so i’m in.

So who’s up for it? If you’re interested you can get in contact with Tim via getmitchquick [AT], replace the [AT] with an @ there. I’m hoping I’m able to make it myself, be great if we could get a decent crowd us down there!

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First gig!

June 7, 2009 7 comments

Ukearists- we have our first gig! My mate Jeff organises a beach ultimate (frisbee) tournament in Troon, west of Glasgow and he’s asked us to play at the party! The tournament is August 15/16.  We’ll probably have an hour (or so) slot on the Saturday night to warm up the party crowd. That’s a fair while, but I reckon we can do it- interspersed with a few solo spots etc.

This is also a great chance to get some of the frisbee ukers (Andy, Fran, Jamie- I’m lookin’ at you…) strutting their ukestuff.

There will most likely be the opportunity to camp over, but we’ll get the details sorted as the date approaches. I promise, it’ll be ace fun and a good party 🙂

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