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Theme nights (costumes optional)

March 30, 2009 7 comments

I was thinking it’d be cool to have some sort of theme night every now and then, for a bit of (extra) cohesion. For example an artist (I’m especially keen on Bowie, Rolling Stones and Radiohead nights myself!) or a year perhaps or even a song/song title theme- e.g. songs about, hmm, I dunno, the weather or some other more exotic topic. This could be a cool way of getting people to bring along song suggestions and just add an extra flavour to the occasional ukearist. Not that we’re not already over-flowing with flavour and fun of course! Who’s with me and what would you suggest…?

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Full details for Rob MacKillop workshop

March 21, 2009 Comments off

Right I now have full details for Rob MacKillop’s  workshop for you all.

What? The workshop will cover fingerstyle picking, strumming & rhythms and improvisation techniques and will be aimed at advanced beginner/intermediate level ukers.  There will be 4 hours of tuition and an hour’s break for lunch with food provided.

When? The workshop will take place on Saturday 30th May starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm.

Where? It will be at the MacKenzie School of English as usual.

How much does it cost? I won’t know exact costs until we have the final numbers for attendees but I can tell you that it will cost at most £23 (assuming there’s at least 6 people).  If we fill all 12 places available it will cost only £16.  Either way I’m sure you will all agree that for four hours quality tuition and lunch that is a total bargain.

How do I book a place at the workshop? You just need to let me know that you are coming and pay a deposit of £10.  You can e-mail me or use the contact form on this site and just give me the £10 at the next ukearist, or if you can’t make it to the next ukearist I can take cheques or bank transfers too.  The balance will be paid on the day of the workshop.  Places are allocated on a first-come first-served basis with at total of 12 places available.

Who is Rob MacKillop? Rob is a local ukulele teacher, he has a number of websites that will tell you more about him:

and if you want to hear Rob play come along to the Ukearist on 27th April where Rob will be giving a perfomance for us all.  Alternativly you could check out some of his youtube offerings:

Anything else left to say? Yes!  Get in quick as a number of places have already gone!  It’s not often that an opportunity like this comes around to learn from someone like Rob, and for such little money.

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And on the Fifth Day the flying ukulele monster created Ukearist Song Books

March 15, 2009 Comments off

The moment you have all been waiting for is here! We finally-sort-of have some publicly available chords and lyrics for you print off from the ukearist nights! I say sort of, as I have so far only got around to doing the chords for a few songs. I will be adding more in the coming weeks as and when I have the time and ultimately compiling these into song books featuring our ukearist favourites so that folk can bring these along to the nights and practice at home.

Catch you all tomorrow night!

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Special events coming up at the Ukearist

March 10, 2009 3 comments

I have a heaving carte du jour of upcoming events to tell you all about involving local ukulele teacher Rob MacKillop and the vivacious Victoria Vox.

The exciting news entree is that Rob will be giving us all a ukulele recital at the ukearist gathering on Monday 27th April. Rob will be playing baroque, celtic, some of his own compositions, and arrangements of early banjo music for banjo-uke.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to see Rob’s fantastically intricate baroque style playing – Rob’s style of playing is unique in the ukulele world.  Rob has three websites dedicated to the ukulele – fingerstyle, baroque and celtic.

The second tasty morsel of exciting news is that Rob will be hosting a workshop focussing on finger-style uke  and improvisation skills.  This workshop will be aimed at intermediate ukers and there will be a maximum of 12 places available.  The workshop will take place in the daytime on Saturday 30th May, exact timings and costs (yes, this will cost money!) are still to be worked out but I will hope to know more to tell you all this coming Monday.  Places at the workshop will be offerred on a first-come, first-served basis and I will start taking bookings as of the ukearist gathering this Monday.

And if you’re not fit to bursting with excitement by this point could I just proffer a final wafer thin mint of tittilation at the chance to see the inimitable Victoria Vox at Leith folk club.  Uke-toting Victoria is over here on tour from the US and played a rousing gig at the folk club last year.  I know at least three of our regular Ukearist disciples were at the gig and I’m sure will readily confirm what great fun it was!  The gig is on the same day as Rob’s workshop – in the evening of 30th May.  I’ll have a chat to folk club and see about getting some tickets sorted closer to the time.

That’s all for now, see you all Monday for the next Ukearist!

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