Tomorrow’s Meeting 5 October 2015, Hank Williams, Beatles, Rolling Stones

October 4, 2015 1 comment

New songs to try out tomorrow:

Window Shopping. Great Hank Willliam’s song from 1951, that I heard for the first time on Monday. Get practising those steel guitar riffs.

I Feel Fine. From the Beatles , reduced to a key I hope we can sing!

Can I Get A Witness. From the Rolling Stones in maybe the 1960’s?. Challenge time. Real finger mangler, changes chords every two beats, – great piano playing! But lots of opportunity for respite ahh ahhing as well.

See you tomorrow

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Ukulele Magazine

October 4, 2015 1 comment

Ed Ackman has been in touch and has this to say:

Hi Monday Ukers,

We’d like you to accept, with the compliments of BanjoUke, a free 12 month digital subscription to Ukulele Magazine, the largest ukulele publication in the world.

All you need do is reply to – and we’ll send you your coupon number and a link.

Then, for the next year, you’ll have each edition of Ukulele Magazine delivered direct to your inbox.

Please feel free to pass this offer far and wide to all your ukulele friends.

Happy strumming!



So there you are. Hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow (5th October).

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Calendar updated

September 9, 2015 Leave a comment

I’ve updated the list of future meetings up to the end of March next year. The last meeting before the festive break is on 14th December (seems to a bit early to be breaking out the mince pies!) and the first one of 2016 is 11th January.

Next meeting is on 21st September. Meanwhile I’ll be looking around for some new songs. If anybody else has anything they want to try out, bring it along and we’ll see what we can do to it…

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Next meeting – 18th May 2015

April 26, 2015 Comments off

The next meeting will be on 18th May, as 4th May is yet another bank holiday and many of us will be off doing bank holiday things (in my case watching the world snooker final).


IMPORTANT: There is a new security procedure in place whereby we all have to sign in and out individually when we arrive for the Ukearist meetings. Go to the reception desk on the ground floor (through the door opposite the stairs down to the basement) to sign in/out and pick up/return a visitor’s pass.


Hope to see you on 18th May, and in the meantime enjoy the last of the long weekends.

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Easter Monday – 6th April

March 27, 2015 Comments off

For those who were not there last time, we’ll be having a break over the Easter weekend. Next meeting is 20th April.

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Calendar updated

March 16, 2015 Comments off

I’ve updated the list of meetings for the next few months (available on the Dates page). This year we have four consecutive meetings in April and May that fall on a public holiday. Hopefully there will be enough of us not enjoying all these long weekends away to keep the meetings going throughout. We can decide on each occasion what to do and if enough people can commit to turning up for the next one, we’ll go for it.

Hope to see you all on Monday, by which time I’ll have had a week of physiotherapy and may even be able to play Bb again, which is often quite useful.

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1 minute 50 seconds

January 28, 2015 Comments off

At Monday’s Ukearist there seemed to be a small but enthusiastic core keen to redeclare their youthful intentions, and revisit the ooowaas and wop wops, and work towards that bumps a daisy riff. So if you have 1 minute and 50 seconds in the two weeks before our next meeting on 9 February, then pop over to Youtube and type in ‘ I’m not A Juvenile Delinquent Amboy Dukes’.
If you can sing along in pitch (F)….. wow!
Otherwise I’ll bring along the words again, with the pitch moved even further down from C to A

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