1 minute 50 seconds

January 28, 2015 Comments off

At Monday’s Ukearist there seemed to be a small but enthusiastic core keen to redeclare their youthful intentions, and revisit the ooowaas and wop wops, and work towards that bumps a daisy riff. So if you have 1 minute and 50 seconds in the two weeks before our next meeting on 9 February, then pop over to Youtube and type in ‘ I’m not A Juvenile Delinquent Amboy Dukes’.
If you can sing along in pitch (F)….. wow!
Otherwise I’ll bring along the words again, with the pitch moved even further down from C to A

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Next meeting – 12th January 2015

January 7, 2015 1 comment

Right, with all that over-indulgent festive stuff out of the way I suppose it’s time to get back to some semblance of normality, whatever that is. I’ve confirmed arrangements for access on Monday night so hope to see many of you there for the first meeting of the year. And no, I haven’t done my homework yet…

A slightly belated Happy New Year to all and best wishes for 2015.






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Christmas Night 2014 – 15th December

December 4, 2014 Comments off

The next meeting is the last one of the year and it’s time yet again for the Christmas Ukearist. As always, please bring along

  • something to drink, alcoholic if desired but beer or wine only please
  • some nibbles to share
  • the usual Christmas Ukulele Songbook

If you don’t have a copy of the songbook, or find that you put it somewhere easily forgotten when you tidied up in January, you can get one here. It’s a PDF and should be straightforward enough to download, but please let me know if you have any problems getting hold of it.

Starting time is  7.30 as usual. Hope to see you then.


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Monday 17th – update

November 13, 2014 Comments off

I now have a set of keys to allow us in for meetings up until the festive break, so please turn up as usual on Monday. I’ll get the earlier bus so you don’t have to wait around outside for me turning up ten minutes late.

I’ve just noticed there was a mistake in the calendar for the dates up until the break, which I’ve now fixed. It should have read:

17th November

1st December

15th December

We can have the Christmas night on the 15th and the first meeting after the New Year will be on 12th January. Apologies for the error.

See you on Monday.






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Next meeting – 17th November

November 11, 2014 1 comment

Those of you who turned up for the last meeting will be aware of the unfortunate turn of events that meant we couldn’t get into the building. I can’t see the same thing happening again but for the next meeting I shall endeavour to confirm the access arrangements on Monday morning, so please check here later in the day to find out what’s happening. Alternatively you can use the Follow button to get an automatic update by email whenever there is something new posted here. Hope to see you on Monday…


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Next meeting – 3rd November

October 26, 2014 Comments off

The next meeting rather conveniently falls between Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Night, so we have an excuse for  a two-pronged themed night this year. There should be ample material in the books by now but if you have any new ideas particularly on the theme of witches and general spookiness, or anything more to do with fire, please bring them along. Pointy hats optional, but we should probably leave the explosive stuff at home. Hope to see you then.

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Meteor Music special offer

September 24, 2014 Comments off

Sit up and pay attention, because Graeme Williams of Meteor Music has this to say:

‘My name is Graeme Williams and I am the co-founder of a new website called Meteor Music (www.meteormusic.co.uk). We are Edinburgh based and you may have heard of my partner, Chris Abbott, who used to work at Rikki’s Music Shop. We specialise in retail of high-quality musical instruments, including ukuleles and accessories. I am writing to offer members of Ukearist a special 10% discount on all the products on our website (minimum spend £50). Our products are already heavily discounted so an additional 10% saving represents exceptional value for money.’

If you want to take advantage of this excellent offer, details are on the new Resources and Useful Links page.

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